Our Ginger & Spring Onion Claypot Dishes

Indulge in the tantalizing flavours of our signature Ginger and Spring Onion Claypot dishes, crafted with our special black sauce recipe. At Lau Wang Claypot Delights, we take pride in serving you the finest claypot dishes that will leave your taste buds craving more. With our claypot cooking, we ensure that each ingredient is able to retain its distinct character, melding together with all other ingredients to create a culinary experience that engages all your senses—making sure that you appreciate each spoonful of food. 

Sesame Chicken

Delight in the exquisite taste of our Sesame Chicken in Singapore. Tender chunks of chicken are meticulously marinated in our carefully crafted blend of secret spices, allowing all these delectable flavours to permeate the meat. The chicken is then expertly stir-fried with fragrant garlic and fried ginger, imparting an aromatic essence to the dish. Finally, our crowning glory is the savoury sesame sauce that envelops each piece of chicken, providing a rich and luscious coating. With every bite of our sesame chicken, you’ll experience a symphony of tastes and textures, leaving you truly delighted.

Sliced Fish With Bittergourd

Immerse yourself in a delightful blend of freshly sliced snakehead fish and bitter gourd, stir-fried with spring onions, garlic and fried ginger. The fish remains tender and juicy, while the bitter gourd adds a subtle bitterness that balances the flavours. Immerse yourself in this marvellous combination and allow your taste buds to savour this unique experience. 

Eggplant With Minced Meat

With succulent eggplant slices cooked to perfection, fried ginger and garlic adding a alluring aroma and their natural flavours enhanced by the inclusion of flavorful minced meat; this dish offers a comforting and homely essence. Each spoonful brings together the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the eggplant and the savoury goodness of the minced meat, creating a hearty and satisfying culinary masterpiece that warms the soul.

Make it a Meal: Chef’s Recommendation

Discover the meal combination that our talented chef recommends for an extraordinary dining experience. These handpicked selections showcase our chef’s expertise and creativity in combining only the best flavours and textures. From succulent meats to vibrant vegetables, this meal is crafted to ensure a delightful feast that will tantalize your senses.